Custom Torque Activated Core Chucks Suppliers

The Best Custom Torque Activated Core Chucks Suppliers

International Expanding Shafts S.R.L. is a leading company in the industry of shaft manufacturing across Italy, and abroad. For many years we have designed and manufactured excellent expanding shafts products, and among other things, we’re known as the best custom torque activated core chucks suppliers.

Our products are characterized by their exclusive design, exceptional operational features, and great functionality. We’re worldwide patented, and what distinguishes us from the rest of shaft manufacturers in the industry, is our determination and commitment to constantly bring innovation and high-quality products.

From the moment we established our company, our aim was to serve our customer with dignity and work with diligence to meet every possible requirement they might have.

IES-SRL Products

Working with International Expanding Shafts Products will be a great experience for you. We’re specialized in providing the best services, and for any request or desire you might have regarding product manufacturing you can tell us without hesitation. From the designing to the production itself we will closely collaborate to agree on every detail. We have a wide variety of items, and we can develop custom products according to your demands.

The broad range of our products includes expanding Chucks with adaptors, pneumechanical chucks safe-grip model with adaptors, self-locking safety chucks AVR model, differential rewinding shafts, expanding sleeves, pneumatic-mechanical hybrid with pre-centering balls, self-expanding mechanical shafts CLEV12, knife-holders shafts, and many others.

Why you should choose us?

From the very beginning, our main objective was to produce lightweight, reliable, highly-functional and cost-effective shafts. Thanks to our qualified engineers and technicians, as well as constant research we have accomplished this goal successfully.  Today, we take pride in being the best custom torque activated core chucks suppliers worldwide! For additional information related to our products and services, please feel free to contact us!