Sliding Safety Chucks AVR model

Supporti Sicurezza Safety Chucks SAP SAV

Sliding Safety Chuck SAP/SAF

Pneumatic Chucks with interchangeable Key Rows

Self-Expanding Mechanical Adaptors CLEV12

Expanding Air Chucks without Precentering

Self-Centering Expanding Air Chucks

Pneumechanical Chucks Mod. Safe-Grip with Adaptors

testate meccaniche spinta assiale

Centering Mechanical Chucks with Axial Push

Self-Expanding Mechanical Chucks CLEV12-TBA with Adaptors

Unidirectional Friction Shaft with Double Row of Expanding Balls

Bidirectional Friction Shaft with Double Row of Expanding Balls

Friction Ball Rings

Direct Frictioning Shaft – DIF Model

Pneumatic shafts with Independent and Interchangeable Key Rows

Expanding Air-Shaft with Long Self-Centering Keys

Pneumatic Expanding Shaft with Pre-Centring Core System

Shafts for “Pope” Rewinders

Knifeholders Shafts

Self-Expanding Mechanical Shafts CLEV12