Lightweight expanding strip shafts

Great Lightweight Expanding Strip Shafts

International Expanding Shafts S.R.L. is a well-known company that designs, develops and manufactures various products including lightweight expanding strip shafts. Since 1965, we have served our customers with accuracy and integrity. We have worked with printing, paper and converting industries with the in-house production and sale of technologically advanced expanding air shafts appreciated in Italy and all over the world for their high quality and functionality.

Our products are cost-effective, resistant, convenient, easy to use and maintain; therefore, they simplify the daily work of the operator. All of our shafts are made of exclusive materials such as solid steel, chrome, and aluminum, crafted with high-end technologies and advanced machinery to ensure durability and minimize contamination possibilities.

IES S.R.L. Exceptional Products

Besides unique lightweight expanding strip shafts, we also specialize in the production of differential rewinding shafts, expanding shafts, expanding chucks with adaptors, expanding sleeves, and safety chucks. But it doesn’t end here!

Some of our specific items include unidirectional friction shaft with a double row of expanding balls, bi-directional friction shaft with a double row of expanding balls, friction ball rings, direct frictioning shaft – DIF model, pneumatic shafts with independent and interchangeable key rows, expanding air-shaft with long self-centering keys, etc.

Why do we excel?


Our services are designed to help our customers accomplish their product goals. Thus, in a close collaboration we define the design of the product, and then we start developing it. We constantly communicate to ensure that every need and demand of yours is being met.

For further information regarding our services, products, and their specification please don’t hesitate to contact us via email: or tel. (+39) 02.98281079. Our aim is to satisfy our customers and maintain happy clients, and we do this through our exclusive solutions and customer service!