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The Most Successful Manufacturers and Suppliers of Cam Locks

International Expanding Shafts S.R.L. is internationally known for high-quality products and is regarded as the best manufacturers and suppliers of cam locks and many other products of this category.

When we started our company, we were determined to bring innovation by designing and producing our products with the best technology available and the most modern machinery in the market. We managed to do this by combining the power of technology, the commitment of our exceptional engineers and technicians, and our staff’s allegiance to providing the best customer service. You can’t do great things alone. It requires a united group of people with the same objective, and we happened to be lucky in this aspect. Now we have successfully established a solid presence in the international market.

IES – Manufacturers and Suppliers of Cam Locks

Our cam lock expandable shafts are made of great quality materials such as solid steel; therefore, are highly resistant, convenient, and very easy to maintain.  Being for more than 50 years in this business has enabled us to understand market demands and do the impossible to meet them.

Although the competition nowadays is fierce, IES has managed to remain an industry leader. As a customer-centric company, we have always given priority to our customers’ needs, requirements, and desires. From the moment we talk to you we understand what you want. After that, together we agree on the design of the product and try very hard to realize it exactly as you have imagined it.

Our exceptional products & solutions


Besides of being manufacturers and suppliers of cam locks, we also design and develop other products such as differential rewinding shafts, expanding shafts, expanding chucks with adaptors, expanding sleeves, and safety chucks. For further information regarding our company, products, and services please contact us! We’re more than happy to help you!