Commonly adopted in pair and best suitable for unwinding operations on shaft-less systems, Mechanical Axial chucks are particularly recommended for all those applications where it is important to ensure perfect core centering under high speeds and high reel weights.

Activating system is 100% mechanical as indeed there is no need of any auxiliary manual or automatic air feeding device.

Radial expansion of steel covered gripping keys, suitable to lock any sort of material, is accomplished by the machine movable arms that mechanically engage the chucks.

Axial thrust of machine arms is transferred to internal conical elements, then tilted surfaces in contact with each other enable radial expansion of gripping keys, engaging the core.

Calibrated return springs allow the complete keys retraction when machine arms are opened.

Body chuck, flange and gripping keys are made of steel, mounting flange is always custom-made so that it can be fitted to any machine connection.

Basic sizes available are standard 3” (76.2mm) and 6” (152.4mm).
Depending on operational needs, interchangeable adapters for different core diameters can be rapidly fitted onto one base chuck.

Also available in “dual step” version, consisting of single body chuck and two expansion stages arranged in series and suitable for different core sizes (most common is 6” & 3” built-in chuck).