Friction ball rings with double row of expanding balls, totally interchangeable these rings ensure a perfect locking and frictioning of the slits to be rewound, they are available in the following executions:

  • Spring loaded or without spring
  • Unidirectional or Bidirectional
  • Made of aluminium, steel, plastic bushed, plastic-steel bushed or plastic-aluminium bushed
  • Suitable for cores diameter from 50mm up to 12”
  • Minimum width rings 7mm (for 3” cores) up to 60mm
  • Special ring diameters and special width on demand

Twist type friction ball rings (IES patent) allow to the users to obtain a large number of benefits absolutely unthinkable with traditional rings:

  • Balls are always in contact with the core
  • Absolute certainty that all ball locks are engaged and clamping the cores across the full web width
  • Automatic locking and core centering
  • Suitable for cardboard, plastic and steel cores
  • More accurate tension control
  • Increased torque transfer

Modello Twist

Gli anelli a sfere modello Twist (brevetto IES) consentono all’utilizzatore di ottenere una serie di vantaggi assolutamente impensabili con anelli tradizionali:

  • Le sfere sono sempre in contatto con l’anima
  • Assoluta certezza che tutti gli anelli a sfere siano in presa all’interno delle anime
  • Bloccaggio automatico e perfetta centratura delle anime
  • Idonei per anime in cartone, plastica e acciaio
  • Maggiore uniformità di tiro
  • Maggiore coppia trasmissibile


Surf Model

New SURF model, last in the line in the range of friction rings, makes IES Differential Rewinding Shafts easier to use than ever.

Thanks to their innovative design and special technical features (Patent Pending), SURF rings simplify the operator’s daily work, REDUCING DOWNTIME, CYCLE TIME AND MACHINE COST.

Loading and unloading operations are much faster, now!

The wound reels can be removed from the shaft without manual operations, without reverse shaft rotation, and without damaging the internal surface of the core.

New SURF friction rings are the only UNIVERSAL rings that can be used on all dual and turret slitter rewinding machines.

Detailed information and technical specifications available on the attached depliant.