Pneumatic self-centring version takes advantage of tried and consolidated pre-centring IES system developed and improved over the years.

Mentioned system enables a truly concentric winding at any speed and under the heaviest loads and more demanding working conditions, so that pneumatic shafts equipped with such a system are particularly suitable for all those applications where low vibrations and high line speed are required.

Not to mention the consequent reduction in wear resulting from drastic shut down of vibrations, which are the main reason of wearing out of supports.

Pre-centring system which mentioned shafts are equipped with, is actually a combined system consisting of independent expansion element units.

First series of interchangeable steel key-rows expand before all the others, thus making the core well precentered and ready to be locked.

Only after that, second series of key-rows, fitted with PVC or Nylon gripping keys, expand and locking firmly the core.

Core has been properly centered by the first series of key-rows which actually prepare the core in perfectly concentric way compared to the body shaft.


  • Available for ID core 3” (76.2mm) up to 12” (152.4mm)
  • Body shaft made of Aluminium or Steel, depending on customer specifications and reel weight
  • Support journals made of wide variety of Steel and always custom-made
  • Electro-dynamically balanced @ maximum speed
  • Recommended air-pressure in normal working conditions: 6 BAR or more