The new mechanical shaft CLEV12 includes an innovative patented system of expansion granting perfect cores centering and locking all along the length.

Being the shaft with mechanical expansion, there is no more need of compressed air to expand and for its use are not necessary tools to enable the expansion.

Just insert the core on the shaft and you can start rewinding without any other operation.

Perfect centering of the cores is always guaranteed and is no longer necessary core precentering systems technically questionable and unreliable.

No other shaft currently present on the market includes these operating features and benefits combined with easy of use by the operator.

The manufacture solution used is innovative and makes the shaft economic and universal for its use on various types of machines.

  • No more compressed air
  • No more machine stops for replacement of faulty tubes
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • Easy to use
  • Available in high strength aluminium body and steel journals
  • Available for 3” and 6” internal diameter cores

Available models

  • CLEV12-UN Bidirectional Unwinder
  • CLEV12-RWU Unidirectional Rewinder
  • CLEV12-RWB Bidirectional Rewinder