Particularly indicated for the rewinding of reels of materials with different thicknesses over the width of the web maintaining at the same time an equal tension as in the case of multiple slit reels.

Recommended for use on slitting and rewinding machines, this friction shaft ensures from the first runs an equal and uniform winding of each single reel, even the narrowest webs.

The friction force is regulated, when the machine is running, by a continuous air supply at a pressure ranging from 0 to 6 bar through a rotating joint connected to the axis of the shaft.

This pressure allows the special keys to expand against the friction elements positioned along the carrier shaft and therefore transmits the necessary torque to the individual reels suitable to ensure a uniform winding.

A simple turn of the cores on the friction element provides a firm radial and axial grip eliminating the need for any spacers.


  • Fast and simple cores loading and positioning
  • Centered cores on friction rings and held firmly in place until each reel is fully wound
  • No spacers required
  • Slipping occurs inside the shaft so no core dust is created
  • Opportunity of interchanging friction rings for different diameter cores on the same shaft
  • Suitable for carton and PVC cores
  • Excellent friction sensitivity
  • Opportunity of rewinding multiple slit reels with variable widths on one shaft
  • Simple reel release and removal for rapid changeovers eliminating costly down-time
  • Easy substitution of expanding friction key rows on carrier shaft
  • Delivery time 4/6 weeks


  • Hard chromium-plated ground steel carrier shaft
  • Dynamically balanced expanding carrier shaft
  • 3″ and 6″ friction rings using the same central shaft
  • Available for cores diameter from 50 mm up to 300 mm
  • Minimum reel width 7 mm for 3” cores
  • Exclusive interchangeable friction key rows that, in contact with friction rings, transmit the required torque to individual reels suitable to ensure an uniform winding
  • Axial or radial inflating
  • Opportunity of retrofitting on existing machines
  • Custom made steel journals to suit any machinery
  • Opportunity of radial inflating through special rotating joints of I.E.S. production (steel or aluminium execution)