Selfcentring expanding air long strip shafts

Exclusive Self-centering Expanding Air Long Strip Shafts


International Expanding Shafts S.R.L. is the best company for the development and production of expanding shafts. We can provide you with a wide variety of specific products including pneumatic shafts with independent and interchangeable key rows, shafts for “Pope” rewinders, knifeholders shafts, self-expanding mechanical shafts CLEV12, pneumatic-mechanical hybrid with pre-centering balls, self-centering expanding air long strip shafts and many more shaft types.

Being for more than half a century in this business, we have managed to create a broad customer base due to our persistent efforts to achieve excellence. We have spread our success all over the world, competing with industry giants. Thanks to the diligence and dedication of our certified technicians as well as experienced engineers, our products are ideally designed.

About our Self-centering Expanding Air Long Strip Shafts


Ever since we started working on the production of expanding shafts, we have conducted research on a consistent base in order to ensure products of high-quality, lightweight, reliable and cost-effective.

We have designed and developed self-centering expanding air long strip shafts in order to be used with different core types and materials. They are easy to use and spare you from using expensive pre-centering systems.

Our expanding air with ling strip shafts is the perfect tool for the winding and unwinding shafts of different types of machinery such as printing, papermaking, compounding, plastic items, coating, cutting, etc. In addition to high-efficiency, the shaft can impressively improve effectiveness and the quality of the products that are made through those machines.

Why does IES-SRL excel?


Our company focuses on bringing unique and custom products in the market while making sure that every required standard is met. Thanks to the use of advanced technology and machinery to manufacture our products, we’ve accomplished our long-term business objectives and are constantly improving our efforts to exceed them.

Our products are made of exclusive materials and we can provide custom solutions according to your drawing, design or idea. We value your opinion and successfully realize the product that meets all your needs. For further information related to our products or services, please contact us!