Safety chucks SAP/SAF are normally used to equip machines with fix or movable shoulder, they ensure in the same time reliable performances over the time, excellent construction quality and competitive costs.

They represent the best choice when there is need of something safer, easier to operate, and more rugged than common tilting safety chuck models.

Available in both foot-mounted execution (SAP) and flange-mounted execution (SAF).

Engaging and disengaging of shaft support journals is manual, easy and safe; axial sliding disc provides opening and closing of the chucks.

Jaw insert design can be V-squared shaped (45° square-turned) or U-squared shaped (flat square).

Removable jaw inserts are completely interchangeable and inexpensive so that life-cycle is very long lasting, just need to replace the jaws with very few and quick operations.

Depending on working conditions and customer technical specifications, Safety Chucks are available in different executions: Light series “L”, Medium series “M” and Heavy series “P”.

All of them are suitable to cover and withstand the widest range of working conditions in terms of maximum reel weight, line speed and transmittable torque.

Also available with sidelay adjustment, they are suitable to provide +/- 25mm axial adjustment so that misalignments of materials at the beginning of unwinding operations can be easily recovered before starting the process.

Drive journal located on motor side is always taylor-made according to customer requirements, it can be fix or movable by using of coupling unit consisting of a pair of grooved shafts engaged each to other.